Process Control Corp: A global leader in plastics processing machinery including
quality resin blending and pellets / powder processing equipment
featuring weigh scale type blenders, pneumatic conveying systems & quick ROI scrap recyclers

We Continue to Set the STANDARD for the Plastics Processing Industry

Established in 1967, Process Control Corporation supplies plastics manufacturers with high accuracy resin blending and pellet / powder

processing equipment; including gravimetric continuous and batch blenders, rapid investment-return scrap recycling systems, pneumatic

material handling machinery, vacuum-pressure railcar unloaders, precision resin powder feeders, and extrusion control systems.


We have an unending commitment to the design and engineering of advanced auxiliary machinery for the plastics processing industry.

Our goal is to provide the most accurate processing equipment combined with exceptional customer service. Process Control leads the

industry with advanced design and innovative solutions for the global marketplace.


Having revolutionized processing industry with the first Automatic Scrap Refeed machine for in-line re-processing of film scrap, and in

developing the first continuous *gravimetric blending system (*also sometimes commonly referred to as loss in weight), we continue

to set the standard for the global plastics industry.


 We Want Your Business!


For Sales and Service in the US, Canada, Mexico and South America,

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 For our offerings in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, visit our German subsidiary by clicking one of the images below:


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  Click on the images below to download pdfs and learn more about our general products and services:

                              Continuous and Batch Blenders                   Extrusion Control            Pneumatic Material Handling  
                   Systems          Gravimetric Blenders         Extrusion Control Systems
  Material Handling Systems
               High ROI Scrap Recycler                 Railcar Unloading System                   Scrap Recycler Payback             About The Company  
     Auto In-Line Scrap Recyclers        Railcar Unloading Systems
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Process Control Corporation

Do it right the first time, every time!


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