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Blending Accuracy

Appropriately measuring accuracy has often been debated in the plastics industry. Regardless of which method is actually used, blender manufacturers all agree that samples, obtained from a blended mixture, as a percentage, should be grouped together about the set point of the feeder. This grouping is known as dispersion or deviation from the set point percentage. A producer needs to understand the importance of an accurate blend system in relation to the feeder set point, so they can observe, financially, the blender’s performance with respect to the amount of resin being used in a recipe blend.

Users of inaccurate and unstable gravimetric blend systems are forced to actually overdose additives to avoid the low percentage variations that produce an unsatisfactory product. Thus, overdosing costs large sums of money to the user. Process Control designs electronic and mechanical feed controls to minimize blend deviations, creating a more stable set point for blender accuracy.


Process Control Corporation has made a name for itself by providing customers with unique and innovative auxiliary equipment and systems. PCC offers a highly configurable line of standard equipment options, which normally meet all the customer’s requirements. Given more time for engineering, special software and/or custom mechanical designs can be provided to precisely match the customer’s specifications. A great deal of our product development over the years has been inspired by these special requests.

It has always been our policy at Process Control to try and find a way to say “YES”, when our customers ask us to provide a unique solution for their processes and applications.

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