Established in 1967, Process Control Corporation supplies plastics manufacturers with high accuracy resin blending and pellet / powder processing equipment; including gravimetric continuous and batch blenders, rapid investment-return scrap recycling systems, grinders, pneumatic conveying, material handling machinery, vacuum-pressure railcar unloaders, precision resin powder feeders, and extrusion control systems.

Gravimetric Batch Blenders

The Guardian® Series 2 Gravimetric Batch Blender, simplicity of operation, the most accurate dispensing and blend homogeneity all at a low cost. Learn More »

Gravimetric Continuous Blenders

The X Series 2 Gravimetric Continuous Blender, optimum blend accuracy and homogeneity for any application; extruder, mezzanine, remote mounting applications the blend is preserved without de-mixing. Learn More »

Extrusion Control Systems

Process Control’s proven Gravitrol® Software automates the control of the line and holds the extruder output to +/- 0.5%; consistent product, within tolerance at lowest possible cost. Learn More »

ASR® (Automatic Scrap Recycling)

Scrap recovery generated in production of blown film, cast film, tape and extrusion coating processes reduces costs and goes straight to the bottom line. Learn More »

Material Handling Systems

Process Control offers a complete line of material handling systems from railcar unloading and bulk storage to vacuum and pressure conveying systems for in-plant distribution. Learn More »

Powder Feeders

The PF Series Powder Feeder from Process Control offers unprecedented accuracy from ultra-low rates up to 6000 pph, steep wall and easy cleanout. Learn More »

Additive Feeders

Volumetric and Gravimetric Additive Feeders and Micro Feeders are available from Process Control Corporation. Feeders are designed to inject color concentrates or other additive-type materials directly into a material stream at the feed throat of an extruder or molding machine. Learn More »

Powder Gravimetric Blending

Process Control Corporation has introduced a brand-new powder batch blending system for up to 8 different powders and pellets. The advantage of this new GUARDIAN® batch blender is a perfect mix of powders by the well-known Process Control accuracies. All that in a compact and dust-tight system. Learn More »


Process Control designs electronic and mechanical feed controls to minimize blend deviations, creating a more stable set point for blender accuracy.

  • Accurate 1st batch and every batch after
  • Desired Blend ratio
  • No need for additives

PCC Videos

Setting the STANDARD for Gravimetric Batch and Continuous Blending and Automatic Recycling!

Above is a short introductory product video, that shows just some of what we can do for you.



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