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  1. Batch Blender with Auger Metering For Clumpy Material

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    “TAKE 2”, GOT CLUMPY?  That is, do you frequently have plastic pellets or regrind material that clumps together making it difficult to feed?

    In February of last year we supplied several unique batch blenders that integrate the cost effective 12kg, 5 component Guardian Series 2 Batch Blender with auger metering. That design incorporated a remote mezzanine mounted material multi-hopper, due to customer height restrictions.


    The latest version incorporates cylindrical material hoppers mounted on the blender base along with auger feeders for each component. As before, the blender base includes a weigh hopper and mixing chamber. AC motors equipped with variable frequency (VFD) drives allow frequent motor starting and stopping without overheating. As usual a powerful, off the shelf, color touch screen control provides user a friendly blender interface.

    For more information on our unique engineering solutions, send us an email at sales@process-control.com.

  2. Special Batch Blender with Real-Time Edge Trim Processing

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    Process Control has a 25kg Guardian Series 2 Batch Blender going through production right now with special customized features.   The 6 element blender features innovative software to allow real-time edge trim processing with automatic regrind rate adjustment utilizing multiple material hopper proximity sensors.  The material hoppers are equipped with drains and quick disconnect couplings and access doors with safety interlocks.  The receivers feature oversized 12″ pull-out pellet screens for ease of maintenance and magnetic open/close switches with LED.

    Customized material hopper


  3. Special 5kg G2 Batch Blenders Going Through Production


    Process Control currently has 11 special 5kg Guardian Series 2 Batch Blenders going through production for a company in the Midwest, to be shipped late next month.  In addition to standard supply hoppers, these blenders have been fitted with regrind feeders equipped with horizontal cross-auger and AC drive for difficult to feed regrind material.  The blenders will also have special touch screen control panels with a 55°C rating, meaning  that the panels will be contained in an air conditioned enclosure in order to operate in extreme conditions.  Here are some pictures of the blenders in progress.   We will have an update with the special control panels in the coming weeks.

    Front view of blenders

    Back view of blenders

  4. New Literature on Batch Blender Upgrades for Autobatch and Guardian Blenders

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    Process Control Corporation is releasing a new piece of literature that thoroughly explains the upgrades we have available for our Autobatch and original Guardian Batch Blenders.  By making these upgrades, you can give your old machine years of new life with modern controls.   The literature is also interactive so you can fill out your company’s equipment specifications and contact information so that our project engineers can quickly identify your specific needs.

    To view the form, click here.  For direct inquiries, please email us!