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  1. Product Spotlight: XU Series 2 Continuous Gravimetric Powder Blender

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    Today’s blog entry will feature Process Control’s X2U Series Continuous Gravimetric Powder Blender. The X2U offers unsurpassed blend accuracy and blend homogeneity in a wide range of configurations to meet the needs of any application incorporating the PF Series powder feeders. It allows gravimetric blending of non-free-flowing powder materials with free-flowing powder and pellet materials at unprecedented metering and mixing accuracy.


    The powder feeders allow rates as low as 0.2PPH and as high as 3,000PPH. Metering augers are available in full pitch or 1/2 pitch configurations with helix diameters from 1/4 inch to 2-1/4 inches.


    9 element Continuous Blender equipped with 3 powder feeders, 2 pellet, and 3 regrind hoppers

    Incorporated into the electro-polished stainless steel design is a patented round-to-trough feeding area which provides more consistent mass flow for better metering accuracy. The feeder is designed with a steep wall, removable hopper which features a dust-tight band clamp for easy mounting of hopper extensions and quick disassembly for clean out. The bottom trough design is optimized to provide maximum material exposure to the auger.


    Another configuration with a larger powder feeder

    For more information on the X2U, please visit our website or download the spec sheet. Be sure to also check out Process Control’s PF series powder feeders.

  2. Video of Continuous Blender feeding Powder Material

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    Today’s post features a video of powder and pellet materials being fed into PCC’s X2 Gravimetric Continuous Blender.

    All ingredients are simultaneously metered in the correct blend ratios from individual weighed material hoppers. The ingredients flow through a cascade chamber into an integral downcomer. The downcomer preserves the blended material all the way to the extruder without demixing producing the best blend homogeneity.

    Click here for more information on PCC’s Continuous Blenders.

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjlfAN6I4B8?rel=0]

  3. Make More of Your Regrind

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    Today’s blog energy features an article on how Process Control equipment can help blow molding processors make the most of their regrind.

    Extrusion Control


    We offer a complete Gravitrol extrusion control system for total weight and layer control. The system control can be integrated into a blender control, or provided as a stand alone system. We have engineered special 70 degree weigh hoppers specifically for regrind materials to make material flow seamlessly through the system.

    Material Handling

    RP Series Vacuum Receiver

    In addition to standard material handling equipment, PCC offers our RP Series vacuum receiver for dusty, regrind materials. The tall design (pictured above) accomplishes cleaning with conveying air to avoid carry-over of dust back to the vacuum power unit. This special design keeps dust and fines as part of the process blend.

    Batch Blending


    Process Control rises above the standard with our Guardian Series 2 gravimetric batch blender series. The G2 was developed for processors who want the simplicity of operation combined with the most accurate dispensing and superior blend homogeneity at a low cost. These features are especially important for blow molding processors, who want regrind materials to blend easily back into the system.

    Guardian Series 2 blenders have a high capacity of up to 9,000 PPH. Steep-wall, fully-welded, individual element hoppers ensure the best flow of most regrind materials. Regrind element hoppers are available with auger discharge and bridge breaker for lighter regrind. The blender software can include a regrind mode for special recipe handling and better control.


    BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT: We are changing our blogging schedule to every Wednesday.