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Watch Equipment Demo Videos on PCC’s Youtube Channel!

Want to see what our machines look like in action? Visit Process Control’s YouTube channel! We have several demonstration videos of our batch and continuous blenders weighing, dispensing, and mixing materials as well as an overview of our Automatic Scrap Recycling system.

Are there any equipment features you would like to see on our channel? Email to make a request!




Process Control GmbH Celebrates 20 Years of Continuous Development

20 jahre team

Located in Birstein, in the middle of Germany, Process Control GmbH was founded on April 1, 1994 as an independent subsidiary of Process Control Corporation headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. At that time, the managing director Hans J. Sohn started with two employees with a business that was focused only on distribution from the USA.

Soon the local market needs were taken into account and a manufacturing facility was built for Europe in Birstein. The rented space in an office and production building reached capacity, so in 2003 the whole complex with 1600 m² total area was acquired.  To this day, more than 1500 systems have been manufactured in this facility and were delivered to approximately 200 different customers in Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and China.

For our anniversary, we’re taking the time to look back on past accomplishments, but most of all we are looking forward under the motto of continuous development!

20 years of Process Control GmbH for us, our employees, customers and partners means trust, stability and especially growth. In the past, we have managed to react with newly developed products and offers to varying market requirements and have improved continuously. Know-how, expertise and motivated employees are necessary to achieve this goal. Especially in the area of developing special solutions for extrusion lines with smaller throughput rates, we were able to improve our continuous gravimetric blenders, the batch blenders and also the film grinders. On one hand, we have developed possibilities to meet lower throughput rates, and on the other hand, we can now fulfil the customer needs with a more compact design of our machines. In terms of  energy saving, there were even more adjustments to achieve the greatest cost and CO2 savings.

We will continue to push innovations and offer the best possible service to our customers with our current team of 19 employees, with support from our representatives who are direct contacts in the different countries on-site.

In 2014, Process Control GmbH will be represented at several fairs for the plastics industry and we look forward to welcome you with our team in one of our booths.

Click here to visit the Process Control GmbH website.

Website Updates

Process Control’s website ( is in the process of being updated to provide the latest technical details for all of our equipment.


Specification sheets for the machines are currently being updated with the most up-to-date product descriptions, features and dimensions. Information on our new products and equipment upgrades will also be available. Check back often for more updates!

Also be sure to check the homepage for the latest blog entries in our RSS feed (seen in the box in the middle of the page).

Conveying Savings via Variable Speed Drives in February Issue of PE


Process Control’s General Manager, Dana Darley, has written an article on the costs and payback for a typical variable speed drive upgrade for vacuum conveying equipment. This article will be published in the February issue of Plastics Engineering. Make sure to pick up a copy of the February issue to learn about how you can save with an upgrade for your conveying system.

PCC Annual Sales Meeting Kick-Off


This week Process Control is holding its annual Sales Meeting for all of our sales representatives in North and South America.  The meeting includes three days of presentations on equipment and company information including equipment demos and a tour of our facilities.  Tomorrow afternoon, employees and sales reps will be competing in the second annual PCC Golf Tournament.

Newly Renovated Showroom


Showroom Before


Showroom After

PCC’s showroom at our headquarters in Atlanta, GA has recently undergone a quick renovation.  The old flooring was stripped away and buffed to a brilliant shine. This along with new, brighter lighting shows off our equipment more than ever!

Our showroom is available for demonstrations and testing for all models of our gravimetric blenders.  Please contact us if you would like to see any of our blenders in action or if you have any testing needs.

Great Systems Need the Best Auxiliary Equipment

CircleSystemAdProcess Control is featuring our complete systems ad this month on the back cover of Plastics Engineering magazine.  This ad is a continuation of our 2013 Savings campaign.

This ad illustrates each category of our auxiliary equipment coming together for a complete solution for your plastics processing system.  Short on time and resources? PCC can engineer, install and manage the entire project.

For more information, please contact Mark Venable to discuss your next extrusion or molding system project.

PCC Showroom Getting a Facelift


Looking down from the mezzanine

Process Control’s showroom at our headquarters in Atlanta, GA is currently undergoing some work to freshen up its look.  Above is a progress shot of the floors being prepared for a shiny finish.  We can’t wait to see the finished product!

Our showroom is available for demonstrations and testings for all models of our gravimetric blenders.  Please contact us if you would like to see any of our blenders in action or if you have any testing needs.