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Product Spotlight: Blend Manager

In today’s entry, we would like to highlight the features of our integrated real-time trending, material management, and monitoring program called Blend Manager.


Blender Manager has integrated real-time trending, historical trend data, material management and monitoring in a single package. A simple, easy to use wizard guides the user through setup of program settings.  The program itself has been thoroughly designed for reliability and ease of use. All settings and data are stored in SQL databases.  Communications with Process Control’s equipment is via Modbus TCP. The driver is integrated into the software and requires no complicated setup.  Here are some more of the program’s features:

Trending and Historical Data
• Both real-time and historical trend data can be zoomed and/or scaled on both X and Y axis.
• Move between viewing real-time and historical trend data with a simple tabbed interface.
• Real-Time data is seamlessly stored to a historical SQL database.

Material Management
• Material management report generation can be generated based on a defined shift schedule or on the fly as needed.
• Material management reports can be sent to a printer or saved as a PDF.

• Monitor critical equipment parameters on a single window.

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Product Spotlight: GF Series Film Grinder

In today’s entry, we would like to highlight the features of our GF Series Film Grinder for automatic scrap recycling applications.

GF Series Film Grinder with Roll Feeder and Air Eliminator

The GF Series grinders from PCC are used as part of an ASR Automatic Scrap Recycling system for in-line recycling of production film scrap. GF grinders are designed to provide efficient, uniform grinding o film scrap. There are four cutting chamber sizes available along with different horsepower motors to accurately match the grinder to the scrap rate. Grinders are available in configurations that accept edge and bleed trims, roll scrap, and loose scrap.

Film Grinder Cutting Chamber

Standard carbide-coated knives are employed in the system, increasing the time between sharpening. The rotor knives approach the stationary bed knife, or knives, at a steep angle to ensure a clean scissor cut. This technique is used for maximum bulk-density and flow of ground scrap. The open rotor design improves airflow for cooling, permitting the highest possible throughput.

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