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PCC Offers Total Integration Services



Process Control is pleased to announce that it offers total integrated services, allowing for a number of great new advantages:

  • You can control and monitor all your PCC equipment on site from a centralized location, integrated with other systems from a single point of control.
  • You can collect data and trending information from a single location.
  • A more convenient location allows for SCADA and DCS screens with a better view of the process per screen.
  • These SCADA and DCS solutions are complete from bare metal, or you can add them on to your existing solutions.
  • These systems offer connectivity with your protocols: Modbus RTU and Modbus IP, Allen-Bradley E/IP and CIP, Profibus DP, Profinet
  • The integration can be done with your systems: Siemens WinCC, Wonderware, and GE Cimplicity

New integration by PCC ensures familiarity with the equipment and the process. Now there is no need to rely on third party integrators who may not be as familiar with our product. You’re getting the most knowledgeable, most efficient support available.

To find out more about our integration services, contact Process Control at or learn more about the complete systems Process Control has to offer.

Special Manifold Distribution Station in Production


Currently in production and shown above is a PCC manifold distribution station with forty-eight (48) pickups, featuring:

  • Twelve (12) horizontal rows by four (4) vertical columns outlet configuration
  • Equipped with quick disconnect male camlocks for fast material change
  • Material catch bin with drain
  • Heavy-duty stand design
  • Aluminum or stainless steel available
  • Other configurations and tube sizes available

To discuss other PCC material handling solutions, please contact us at



Special “Hopperless” Blender Design for Height Restrictions

For Guardian 2 batch blending applications with severe height restrictions, as typically seen when the blender is mounted directly to the processing machine, PCC offers a design without the material hoppers.  The top of the blender frame, with metering gates, allows for a custom adaption plate to provide connection to the material supply hoppers and loading equipment, typically mounted above on a mezzanine.


This hopperless design is currently available on our 2.5, 5 and 12 kg G2 blender models.  This design feature helps outline PCC’s commitment to provide our customers custom engineered solutions to meet specific needs.


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Completed ASR (Automatic Scrap Recycling) System – Part 1

Process Control Corporation (PCC) just completed an ASR (Automated Scrap Recovery) System featuring three 20HP Inducers, equipped with its trademark adjustable venture design that provides higher induced air to primary air ratio than conventional systems. The trim pickup manifolds are designed for up to 16 bleeds, 2 edge and 1 center trim. Trims are conveyed to a 100HP thin film grinder equipped with a roll feed allowing additional scrap to enter the system. The ground scrap is then blown to a cyclone feeding an extruder mounted RMX refeed machine. The PCC refeed machine’s unique design provides a consistent column of compacted ground scrap surrounded by virgin material to the extruder.

IN Series Inducers

IN Series Inducers


RMX Series Refeed Machine


Trim Manifolds

Check back here next week for pictures of the 100HP GF Series Film Grinder!

For more information on Process Control’s ASR Systems, please visit our website!

Continuous Blender with Powder and Regrind Hoppers

Process Control GmbH (PCC’s German subsidiary) currently has a special six element continuous blender going through production. Three hoppers on the blender are for powder material and the other three are fed with regrind.  The powder feeders are installed on a slide base that can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.  There is also a separate base for feeding powders to a side feeder.  The small base for the single powder feeder has a turnable upper plate so that the feeder can be set to both of the side feeders on the extruder.



Special Blenders Fitted with Regrind Hoppers and Touch Screen Enclosures Ready to Ship

Process Control is ready to ship out a special group of Guardian Series 2 gravimetric batch blenders with regrind feeders and touch screen controls. In total, there are eleven 5kgs equipped with regrind, one standard 5kg, and two 25kg Guardian Series 2 blenders.  All have the special touch screen control enclosure engineered for extreme ambient conditions.

You can read more about these special blenders through these production updates!

Blender Touch Screen Control Enclosure Engineered for Extreme Ambient Conditions

Special 5kg G2 Blenders Going Through Production

Line of blenders

View of regrind hoppers

Touch screen enclosure

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Blender Touch Screen Control Enclosure Engineered for Extreme Ambient Conditions

Last month we gave an update on a special order of Guardian Series 2 Batch Blenders going through production.  As we continue to track their progress, we now find that the special touch screen enclosures are nearing completion.

The enclosure for the touch screen control, mounted on each blender, has been engineered for extreme ambient conditions including 131 degrees F (55C), using a dual door concept and thermoelectric cooler. In addition, a remote touch screen panel with embedded windows operating system utilizing VNC and wireless technology, also equipped for high temperature conditions, will be remotely mounted and equipped to display and control up to eleven blenders, displaying up to four blender screen simultaneously.

Special enclosure with thermoelectric cooler

Special Batch Blender with Real-Time Edge Trim Processing

Process Control has a 25kg Guardian Series 2 Batch Blender going through production right now with special customized features.   The 6 element blender features innovative software to allow real-time edge trim processing with automatic regrind rate adjustment utilizing multiple material hopper proximity sensors.  The material hoppers are equipped with drains and quick disconnect couplings and access doors with safety interlocks.  The receivers feature oversized 12″ pull-out pellet screens for ease of maintenance and magnetic open/close switches with LED.

Customized material hopper