Process Control Corporation (PCC) just completed an ASR (Automated Scrap Recovery) System featuring three 20HP Inducers, equipped with its trademark adjustable venture design that provides higher induced air to primary air ratio than conventional systems. The trim pickup manifolds are designed for up to 16 bleeds, 2 edge and 1 center trim. Trims are conveyed to a 100HP thin film grinder equipped with a roll feed allowing additional scrap to enter the system. The ground scrap is then blown to a cyclone feeding an extruder mounted RMX refeed machine. The PCC refeed machine’s unique design provides a consistent column of compacted ground scrap surrounded by virgin material to the extruder.

IN Series Inducers

IN Series Inducers


RMX Series Refeed Machine


Trim Manifolds

Check back here next week for pictures of the 100HP GF Series Film Grinder!

For more information on Process Control’s ASR Systems, please visit our website!

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