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  1. Start the New Year Right with Savings

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    Happy 2013 from Process Control Corporation!

    To kick off the new year, we would like to invite you to take a look at how much you can save by investing in a PCC Blending System.  We have developed two blending systems to put you on the most efficient path to feed and mix accuracy while still producing a high quality end product.  By precisely metering and blending resins and additives, we have created the most accurate, cost effective blending systems for processors.

    The following spreadsheet documents the potential savings you could gain by operating either a PCC Batch Blender or PCC Continuous Blender.  If you would like a more personalized look at what your company could save, you can find a PCC sales representative in your area, or contact us directly at sales@process-control.com.

    Charting Your Savings_Sample