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  1. Product Spotlight: Guardian Series 2 Batch Blender

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    Today’s product spotlight will focus on our Guardian® Series 2 Gravimetric Batch Blender. This blender was developed for processors who want the simplicity of operation combined with the most accurate dispensing and superior blend homogeneity at a low cost.

    Clear Mixer Door2

    The outlet of each of the individual material hoppers is equipped with a fast acting V-gate valve. Each of the materials is dispensed sequentially into a common weighing hopper in the desired proportions. The weighed materials are then released into a separate mixing chamber which provides the most consistent homogeneous blend of any batch type blender.


    Process Control engineers have produced a highly advanced metering and weighing system that accurately controls each ingredient of every batch to the desired amounts and is not averaged over multiple batches as is common in other batch blenders in the industry. At the blender’s highest accuracy setting, each ingredient can be dispensed to an accuracy of +/-0.02%


    The metering gates are controlled with one initial dispense cycle and then the balance of the requested weight amount is fine tuned by “short cycling” the gate. Every batch is exact. The competition makes up for discrepancies on the next batch. Why assume that their next batch will correct the previous inaccurate batch? Do it right the first time, every time.

    Standard Features

    • Capacity and Sizing: Available in 2.5kg, 5kg, 12kg, 18kg, and 25kg (1kg and 2kg are also available with our Guardian Series 3 design).
    • Segmented Material Hoppers: Available with 4-8 elements in individual fixed hoppers that are welded together. Special configurations for up to 12 ingredients.
    • Each hopper has one 90° side and no transition sections for improved material flow.
    • Hopper access doors with redesigned latching system.
    • Detached weigh hopper discharge gate actuator for improved performance.
    • Removable cartridge style dispensing gates for ease of maintenance and clean-out.
    • Optimized V-design metering gates for improved accuracy and dispensing range.
    • Color touch screen operator interface.

    Click here for more information on our product line of Guardian Series 2 Batch Blenders.

    Visit our YouTube page to see the Guardian Series 2 in action!

  2. Product Spotlight: Gravimetric Continuous Blenders

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    X Series 2 Continuous Blender

    X Series 2 Continuous Blender

    Today’s product spotlight will focus on our line of gravimetric continuous blenders. The X and XU Series 2 Gravimetric Blenders offer unsurpassed blend accuracy and blend homogeneity in a wide range of configurations to meet the needs of any application.

    For extruder throat-mounted applications, the X2 comes equipped with an integral downcomer to preserve the blended material all the way to the extruder without demixing. For mezzanine or off-line mounting, the blender does not include the downcomer and is designed to work with a number of different options for storing the blended material prior to it’s use.

    Operation: The operator enters the desired blend recipe at the operator station. All ingredients are simultaneously metered in the correct blend ratios by inclined augers from individual weighed material hoppers. The ingredients flow through a cascade chamber which produces the best blend homogeneity.


    X2D4 Model: 4-Elements


    X2D6 Model: 6-Elements










    XL4 Model: 4-Elements


    X2L6 Model: 6-Elements











    The XU Series 2 Continuous Gravimetric Powder Blender incorporates the PF Series powder feeder to allow gravimetric blending of non-free-flowing powder materials with free-flowing powder and pellet materials. The powder feeders allow rates as low as 0.2PPH and as high as 6,000PPH.


    XU Series 2 Gravimetric Continuous Powder Blender


    For more information on the X and XU Series 2 Gravimetric Continuous blenders, please click here to visit our website.

    Download X Series 2 Cut Sheet

    Download XU Series 2 Cut Sheet




  3. Video: Metering Gate Comparison on Batch Blender

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    Check out this video of a Guardian Series 2 Batch Blender dispensing material from the metering gates.  One gate has the standard v-gate design (right) while the other (left) has a restrictor plate installed.  The restrictor plate gives processors the ability to finely control low rate ingredients for even greater batch accuracy.