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  1. Product Spotlight: New RMX Series Refeed Machine Operator Panel

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    Process Control is pleased to present an all new RMX Series Refeed Machine Operator Panel available for ASR® Automatic Scrap Recycling. Hardware includes an HMI/PLC combo with Digital and Analog I/O, Modbus, & Ethernet. A variety of AC drive brands are available. The RMX Operator Panel can operate as a standalone system, or it can integrate with PCC (and most other) grinder and roll feed systems. It also comes with the ability to integrate with supervisory systems via Ethernet.
    ASR RMX Unit

    Operation modes for this panel include an auto, manual, and maintenance mode. Auto allows the user to set the speed ratio, and the PLC calculates the correct refeed speed based on extruder speed. Manual allows for direct speed entry, and maintenance provides forward and reverse job for cleanout and inspection. Advanced setup options for this panel include an ad adjustable rate/frequency curve for special materials and a simplified interface. This means you can hide the options you don’t need!

    ASR RMX Display

    Most importantly, the RMX Series Refeed Machine Operator Panel provides a number of advantages. Smart HMI provides full control and configuration of drive system while competitors require in-panel adjustments. Monitor roll feeder and refeed status are read from a single screen, making the system easier and faster to read, plus system alarms are provided through a pop-up alert so it’s easy to find. Plus there is minimal drive setup because most of the parameters are set onscreen, and an easy switchover to various drive brands.

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  2. Largest Order of ASR Equipment Shipped to Germany

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    PCC recently shipped the largest order of ASR Automatic Scrap Recycling Equipment, in recent history, to Germany.  The order includes multiple cutting chambers for GF Series grinders as well as RMX refeed machines.

    Cutting Chambers for GF Series Film Grinders

    In the cutting chambers, standard carbide-coated knives are employed, increasing the time between sharpening. The rotor knives approach the stationary bed knife, or knives, at a steep angle to ensure a clean scissors-cut. This technique is used for maximum bulk-density and flow of ground scrap. The open rotor design improves airflow for cooling , permitting the highest possible throughput.

    RMX Series Refeed Machines

    The unique, double-compartment RMX Series Refeed Machine operates with a variable-speed auger/bridge-breaker assembly to compact and meter ground scrap from the inner hopper to the throat of the production extruder. The outer compartment contains virgin material which is gravity-fed to the throat. The virgin material completely surrounds the ground scrap as it enters the extruder. The extruder screw receives a consistent column of compacted ground scrap surrounded by virgin material. This method provides consistent operation without extruder surging or starvation. With the standard extruder follower circuit, refeed machine will increase or decrease the scrap rate in proportion to the extruder speed. This holds scrap percentage constant without additional operator attention.

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