PCC recently shipped the largest order of ASR Automatic Scrap Recycling Equipment, in recent history, to Germany.  The order includes multiple cutting chambers for GF Series grinders as well as RMX refeed machines.

Cutting Chambers for GF Series Film Grinders

In the cutting chambers, standard carbide-coated knives are employed, increasing the time between sharpening. The rotor knives approach the stationary bed knife, or knives, at a steep angle to ensure a clean scissors-cut. This technique is used for maximum bulk-density and flow of ground scrap. The open rotor design improves airflow for cooling , permitting the highest possible throughput.

RMX Series Refeed Machines

The unique, double-compartment RMX Series Refeed Machine operates with a variable-speed auger/bridge-breaker assembly to compact and meter ground scrap from the inner hopper to the throat of the production extruder. The outer compartment contains virgin material which is gravity-fed to the throat. The virgin material completely surrounds the ground scrap as it enters the extruder. The extruder screw receives a consistent column of compacted ground scrap surrounded by virgin material. This method provides consistent operation without extruder surging or starvation. With the standard extruder follower circuit, refeed machine will increase or decrease the scrap rate in proportion to the extruder speed. This holds scrap percentage constant without additional operator attention.

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