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  1. Product Spotlight: XU Series 2 Continuous Gravimetric Powder Blender

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    Today’s blog entry will feature Process Control’s X2U Series Continuous Gravimetric Powder Blender. The X2U offers unsurpassed blend accuracy and blend homogeneity in a wide range of configurations to meet the needs of any application incorporating the PF Series powder feeders. It allows gravimetric blending of non-free-flowing powder materials with free-flowing powder and pellet materials at unprecedented metering and mixing accuracy.


    The powder feeders allow rates as low as 0.2PPH and as high as 3,000PPH. Metering augers are available in full pitch or 1/2 pitch configurations with helix diameters from 1/4 inch to 2-1/4 inches.


    9 element Continuous Blender equipped with 3 powder feeders, 2 pellet, and 3 regrind hoppers

    Incorporated into the electro-polished stainless steel design is a patented round-to-trough feeding area which provides more consistent mass flow for better metering accuracy. The feeder is designed with a steep wall, removable hopper which features a dust-tight band clamp for easy mounting of hopper extensions and quick disassembly for clean out. The bottom trough design is optimized to provide maximum material exposure to the auger.


    Another configuration with a larger powder feeder

    For more information on the X2U, please visit our website or download the spec sheet. Be sure to also check out Process Control’s PF series powder feeders.

  2. Sneak Peek of our booth for NPE2015! – Part 2

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    With less than a week before NPE 2015: the International Plastics Showcase, Process Control Corporation is ready to go with our exhibit in the West Hall, Booth 4162. We are including a wide selection of our auxiliary machinery so that you can get a detailed look at what we have to offer. Be sure to stop by for live demonstrations of our gravimetric blender equipment and our new three layer Gravitrol® display. We are excited to be able to offer these demonstrations next week, but until then the preview of the equipment we’ll have on display continues.

    Last week we brought you a glimpse of our gravimetric batch and continuous blenders that we’ll have showcased at the show. This week includes a preview of our extrusion control, material handling, and scrap recycling machines.


    NPE Highlight – 3 Layer Gravitrol® Extrusion Control Demo with HGB Weigh Hoppers


    A live demonstration of a three layer extrusion control system will be running with the all new EXB2 Operator Station Module.


    NPE Highlight – RMX Refeed Machine with HGB2 Weigh Hopper


    Our popular RMX Refeed Machine from the ASR®  Automatic Scrap Recycling System will be set up with an HGB2 weigh hopper and a brand new feature that will be revealed at the show.


    GTA 7.5HP Film Grinder

    GTA Grinder


    PF Series Powder Feeder

    PF Powder Feeder


    Vacuum Receivers for Powder and Pellets

    RN Receiver


    EXG Supervisory System



    VNC Remote Viewer

    VNC Viewer


    See you next week live from booth W4162 at NPE 2015.


    Click here to download a complimentary Expo Pass courtesy of PCC.


  3. Sneak Peek of our Booth for NPE 2015! – Part 1

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    NPE 2015: The International Plastics Showcase is only a week and a half away! Process Control Corporation will be exhibiting in the West Hall, Booth 4162, with a wide selection of our auxiliary machinery. Stop by for live demonstrations of our gravimetric blending equipment and our new three layer Gravitrol® display. Until then, here is a preview of the equipment we will have on display at the show.

    This week we will be showcasing our gravimetric batch and continuous blenders that will be at the show, and next week there will be a preview of our extrusion control, material handling, and scrap recycling machines.


    NPE Highlight – BV Series Vibratory Blender


    PCC will be premiering our brand new BV Series loss-in-weight, vibratory, feeder-based blender at NPE2015. The blender is designed to produce precise, homogenous blends by weight, regardless of ingredient bulk density variations. Each hopper and feed system is mounted on a load cell making the vibratory more accurate than ever.


    NPE Highlight – 2.5kg Guardian® Series 2 Batch Blender with Gravitrol®


    Our innovative Guardian® Series 2 batch blender will be up and running with gravimetric extrusion control. Come see the difference that precise batch-to-batch dispensing can make for you.


    X Series 2 Continuous Blender

    X Series 2


    2kg Guardian® Series 3 Batch Blender



    12kg Guardian® Series 2 Batch Blender



    Check back next week for Part 2 of our NPE 2015 Sneak Peek.


    Click here to download a complimentary Expo Pass courtesy of PCC.

  4. Twelve element, 12kg Guardian Series 2 Batch Blender in Production

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    Process Control has recently shipped a 12kg Guardian Series 2 Batch Blender with 12 elements for a compounding application. The goal for the end-user is to eliminate clean-out of the material multi-hopper segments. Each segment is dedicated to a particular material which is chosen according to the compound recipe.

    DSC_1669_cropFor more information on our Guardian Series 2 Gravimetric Batch Blender, please visit our website!

  5. Savings Campaign in Plastics Technology and Plastics News

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    This month our savings advertisement campaign continues in Plastics Technology magazine.  The July issue contains the ad featuring our ASR Automatic Scrap Recycling System.  This ad features the financial payback our ASR  System can provide to your company as well as a diagram of the full system.

    This ad previously appeared in Plastics News along with our Blender Savings ad.

    Click the images below to view the full ads.



    For more information on our ASR Systems or Gravimetric Blenders, please contact Mark Venable.


  6. Make More of Your Regrind

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    Today’s blog energy features an article on how Process Control equipment can help blow molding processors make the most of their regrind.

    Extrusion Control


    We offer a complete Gravitrol extrusion control system for total weight and layer control. The system control can be integrated into a blender control, or provided as a stand alone system. We have engineered special 70 degree weigh hoppers specifically for regrind materials to make material flow seamlessly through the system.

    Material Handling

    RP Series Vacuum Receiver

    In addition to standard material handling equipment, PCC offers our RP Series vacuum receiver for dusty, regrind materials. The tall design (pictured above) accomplishes cleaning with conveying air to avoid carry-over of dust back to the vacuum power unit. This special design keeps dust and fines as part of the process blend.

    Batch Blending


    Process Control rises above the standard with our Guardian Series 2 gravimetric batch blender series. The G2 was developed for processors who want the simplicity of operation combined with the most accurate dispensing and superior blend homogeneity at a low cost. These features are especially important for blow molding processors, who want regrind materials to blend easily back into the system.

    Guardian Series 2 blenders have a high capacity of up to 9,000 PPH. Steep-wall, fully-welded, individual element hoppers ensure the best flow of most regrind materials. Regrind element hoppers are available with auger discharge and bridge breaker for lighter regrind. The blender software can include a regrind mode for special recipe handling and better control.


    BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT: We are changing our blogging schedule to every Wednesday.

  7. Spotlight on Batch and Continuous Blender Upgrades

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    Process Control offers several upgrade options for our Autobatch, Continuous, and original Guardian Series blenders.  Read below to see how you can be sure that your blender is running at it’s fullest potential.

    Touch Screen Upgrade for Autobatch and Guardian Blenders


    Touch Screen for Autobatch Blender

    We offer a new touch screen controller for Autobatch and Guardian blenders that is an off-the-shelf solution to improve your blender’s performance and longevity. This non-proprietary upgrade will not only add years to your blender’s life, but it will actually improve your blender’s accuracy and output as well. the upgrade is also a way to simplify the blending process and postpone future blender replacement, which makes things easier and saves you money all at once. Your older Autobatch or Guardian controls are facing the threat of becoming obsolete; ensure that will not happen by upgrading to our new touch screen control system today.

    Click here to learn more about PCC Batch Blender Upgrades.

    Upgrades for Continuous Blenders


    Brushless Motor for Continuous Blenders

    In addition to the same touch screen as mentioned for the batch blenders, Process Control offers brushless motors and drives and a DSP weigh module upgrade kit for our Continuous Gravimetric blenders.  As compared to the previous versions, the new gearmotors are both brushless and encoderless, for far superior reliability, performance and a longer lifespan. The new motors come with more torque and a far greater speed range than before. Only two power/gear ratio combinations are required to cover the required RPM range for our line of blenders and feeders, versus eight power/gear ratio combinations for the previous permanent magnet gearmotors. The new drive/gearmotor package is 100% compatible with PCC blenders and feeders already in service.

    Click here to learn more about PCC Continuous Blender Upgrades.

  8. Magnet Option for Guardian Series 3 Batch Blender

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    New magnet option for Guardian 3 Batch Blenders

    One of the latest features added to the auxiliary section of the extended base of the new Guardian 3 gravimetric batch blender is an option high powered magnet.  With a single magnet positioned directly beneath the mixer discharge gate, any ferrous contamination will be caught before going to the process.   This simple and low cost option eliminates the need for a separate magnet drawer, typically mounted between the blender and extruder or molding machine.


    Guardian 3 base with magnet installed

    Other options for the extended base include a small surge bin as shown, a funnel with hose stub for mezzanine mounting, a material pickup box for floor mounting and a weigh hopper for gravimetric extrusion control.


    Guardian Series 3 Features:

    • All-in-one removable metering unit and material hopper
    • Improved material hopper for clean-out convenience
    • Cartridge style metering gates
    • Integral surge hopper option
    • Stationary loading platform
    • Quick-Release Polycarbonate Mixer Access Doors
    • All Stainless Steel Construction

  9. Start the New Year Right with Savings

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    Happy 2013 from Process Control Corporation!

    To kick off the new year, we would like to invite you to take a look at how much you can save by investing in a PCC Blending System.  We have developed two blending systems to put you on the most efficient path to feed and mix accuracy while still producing a high quality end product.  By precisely metering and blending resins and additives, we have created the most accurate, cost effective blending systems for processors.

    The following spreadsheet documents the potential savings you could gain by operating either a PCC Batch Blender or PCC Continuous Blender.  If you would like a more personalized look at what your company could save, you can find a PCC sales representative in your area, or contact us directly at sales@process-control.com.

    Charting Your Savings_Sample

  10. Understanding Gravimetric Blender Accuracy & Payback

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    In November’s issue of Plastics Technology, has written a featured article about the least understood aspects of blending.  The article discusses the differences between batch and continuous blenders, how blend accuracy is calculated and controlled, which blender type is more accurate, how much accuracy is really required, and how payback is calculated.

    Click here to read the full article.