New magnet option for Guardian 3 Batch Blenders

One of the latest features added to the auxiliary section of the extended base of the new Guardian 3 gravimetric batch blender is an option high powered magnet.  With a single magnet positioned directly beneath the mixer discharge gate, any ferrous contamination will be caught before going to the process.   This simple and low cost option eliminates the need for a separate magnet drawer, typically mounted between the blender and extruder or molding machine.


Guardian 3 base with magnet installed

Other options for the extended base include a small surge bin as shown, a funnel with hose stub for mezzanine mounting, a material pickup box for floor mounting and a weigh hopper for gravimetric extrusion control.


Guardian Series 3 Features:

  • All-in-one removable metering unit and material hopper
  • Improved material hopper for clean-out convenience
  • Cartridge style metering gates
  • Integral surge hopper option
  • Stationary loading platform
  • Quick-Release Polycarbonate Mixer Access Doors
  • All Stainless Steel Construction

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