Trim removal systems are designed to pick up and convey edge and/or bleed trims generated during the production of products like film, tape and foam. These continuous trims are removed from the line by suction created in the inducer’s venturi section. The Process Control inducer design is particularly effective for handling tacky film.

inducer close

Process Control’s patented venturi design uses the same principle used to create lift with an aircraft wing. The venturi design is far more efficient than the more commonly used cyclonic design, resulting in more suction and far greater air flow per fan CFM. This efficiency reduces the required horsepower, which results in lower energy costs, reduced noise and easier separation of the trim from the conveying air grinder.

PCC Advantage

  • Venturi design creates more suction and greater induced airflow per fan CFM
  • Reduced motor horsepower
  • Trim is more easily separated from conveying air
  • Inlet and outlet silencers available
  • No obstruction in venturi- can easily handle tacky film



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