One thing Process Control takes great pride in is the durability and quality of the equipment that it provides its customers. We are so convinced that our customer will be so impressed with this equipment that we invite everybody to come see what we have to offer live in our showroom.

PCC’s showroom at our headquarters in Atlanta, GA is available for hands on demonstrations and testing for all models of our gravimetric blenders in addition to scrap recycling, material handling, and extrusion control equipment.

The showroom features:

  • X Series 2 6-element Continuous Blender
  • X Series 2 4-element Continuous Blender
  • X Series 2 4-element Stainless Steel Continuous Blender
  • 5kg (with Gravitrol®), 12kg and 25kg Guardian Series 2 Batch Blender mounted on mezzanine
  • 2.5kg Guardian Series 2 Batch Blender with Gravitrol®
  • 2kg stainless steel Guardian Series 3 Batch Blender
  • Automatic Scrap Recycling System

DSC_0746Come see how easy to use, built to last, and impressively and carefully constructed Process Control’s products truly are.

Please contact Dr. Mark Venable or call by phone at (770) 449-8810 (ext. 226) if you would like to see any of our machines in action or if you have any testing needs.

To see more of what Process Control has to offer, check out our product pages online or contact us.

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