Process Control offers several upgrade options for our Autobatch, Continuous, and original Guardian Series blenders.  Read below to see how you can be sure that your blender is running at it’s fullest potential.

Touch Screen Upgrade for Autobatch and Guardian Blenders


We offer a new touch screen controller for Autobatch and Guardian blenders that is an off-the-shelf solution to improve your blender’s performance and longevity. This non-proprietary upgrade will not only add years to your blender’s life, but it will actually improve your blender’s accuracy and output as well. the upgrade is also a way to simplify the blending process and postpone future blender replacement, which makes things easier and saves you money all at once. Your older Autobatch or Guardian controls are facing the threat of becoming obsolete; ensure that will not happen by upgrading to our new touch screen control system today.

Click here to learn more about PCC Batch Blender Upgrades.

Upgrades for Continuous Blenders


In addition to the same touch screen as mentioned for the batch blenders, Process Control offers brushless motors and drives and a DSP weigh module upgrade kit for our Continuous Gravimetric blenders.  As compared to the previous versions, the new gearmotors are both brushless and encoderless, for far superior reliability, performance and a longer lifespan. The new motors come with more torque and a far greater speed range than before. Only two power/gear ratio combinations are required to cover the required RPM range for our line of blenders and feeders, versus eight power/gear ratio combinations for the previous permanent magnet gearmotors. The new drive/gearmotor package is 100% compatible with PCC blenders and feeders already in service.

Click here to learn more about PCC Continuous Blender Upgrades.

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