Happy April to everybody and welcome back following one busy week. The Process Control booth at NPE 2015: The International Plastics Showcase displayed strong results during its week-long stay in Orlando, Florida. The booth featured a large number machines, a comfortable and new modern design, and was outfitted with an iPad lead retrieval system. The stars of the booth were the brand new Vibratory Blender, which Process Control was able to show off and explain plenty during the show.

Process Control ran two different demonstrations this year, including a 2.5kg Guardian® Series 2 batch blender was equipped with extrusion control, running a full demonstration of how material flows through the system, and the 3 Layer Gravitrol® Extrusion Control Demo with HGB Weigh Hoppers with an all new EXB2 Operator Station Module. There were quite a few curious onlookers as both machines continued to draw in crowds all week. Other features were not forgotten, however. The X Series continuous blender received plenty of attention right up front, and a number of blenders on display drew potential customers. Not to mention the debuting RMX Operation Panel, which Process Control was happy to introduce and will be detailing here next week.

Overall, the conference generated plenty of leads for Process Control – great results for a great show. With the digital lead retrieval input, booth personnel were able to write down very clearly what the patrons were interested in, and are working hard to get that information out now. The information gathered from these notes revealed a strong quality of leads in addition to quantity. Needless to say, Process Control is eagerly anticipating NPE 2018.


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