Previously we considered the importance of proper receiver sizing. In particular, we considered a standard receiver with flapper discharge automatically loading a continuous gravimetric blender utilizing a sequencing control.

RN Pellet Screen

RN Receiver with Removable Pellet Screen


Now we list some receiver options and features:

          • Capacities range from 0.07 up to 5.0 cubic feet with body diameters of 12”, 16” or 20”.
          • Steep wall (70 degree) cones and large discharge (up to 5”) for poor flowing materials
          • RN Type with Pull-Out Pellet Screens
            • Different screen mesh sizes available
            • Oversized 12” x 12” Pull-Out Pellet screen available on 16” or larger diameter receivers
          • RG Type with Nytex Filters for dusty materials
          • RP Type with internal filter bags with automatic and continuous cleaning for dusty materials
          • Material and Vacuum Line Sizes: 1.5” to 4.5” diameter in 0.5” increments.
          • Carbon or Stainless steel construction
          • Standard (up to 180 degrees F) or High Temperature (up to 350 degrees F) construction
          • Air operated sequencing valve in lid of receiver
          • Check valve for connection to common material supply
          • Standard Discharge –Flapper of all metal construction means no wear parts (no seals required)
          • Positive Control Discharge
            • Knife Gate
            • Swing Gate
          • Control Voltages
            • 110VAC
            • 24VDC
          • Connection Options (any combination of the following)
            • Junction Box for landing wires
            • Proximity Switches (load level)
            • Connection cabling – DB9, IEC

Click here for more information on RN Series Vacuum Receivers and RP Series Vacuum Powder Receivers.

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