Unequaled customer support is available at PCC including complete refurbishing of aging equipment. What is a good engineering design? At PCC it includes backwards compatibility of components which translates into drop-in upgrades. Our continuous blender upgrades include state of the art brushless motors and drives, weigh modules and a user friendly touchscreen control.

Most customers choose to upgrade their existing blenders while in place in the production line, thereby minimizing down time. Sometimes equipment is transferred between sister plants which allows a “stopover” at PCC for a redo. This was recently the case for two PCC continuous, loss in weight gravimetric blenders. The blenders were stripped down to the frame. All defective and normal wear parts were replaced, the frame and all components were painted, re-assembled and thoroughly tested. The end result, a blender that runs and looks like new.

Model XLC large frame, 6 element blender, manufactured in 2001


photo 1



Model XDG small frame, 4 element blender with integral downcomer, manufactured in 2002


photo 2



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