GOT CLUMPY?  That is, do you frequently have plastic pellets or regrind material that clumps together making it difficult to feed?  PCC has recently supplied the perfect solution which integrates the cost effective 12 kg, 5 component Guardian Series 2 Batch Blender with auger metering.



The supply multi-hopper (individually segmented design = no dividers for better hopper cleanout), with vacuum receivers, is remotely located on an overhead mezzanine. In addition to receiver loading, tube stubs on two segments of the  multi-hopper allow loading from over head bins.


Metering Augers, Weigh Hopper, and Mixing Chamber

The metering augers, weigh hopper and mixing chamber are mounted below on a magnet drawer directly on the extruder feed throat. Rounding out the system is the non-proprietary color touchscreen control which can also be remotely located (up to 1000 ft.) for easy operator access.

Metering Augers

Metering Augers

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